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Seats2meet for locals (S2M for locals) lets you share your own living room, kitchen table, spare desk or whatever comes to mind as a free coworking space. By opening your doors for other coworkers you can meet new people, launch new ideas or even build a ground breaking new company. We believe in sharing our abundance in order to create new value and by launching Seats2meet for locals we help you share your abundance of space so that you can start creating value for yourself and the coworkers you host!

An initiative of Seats2meet

S2M for locals is an initiative of and facilitating and connecting people is what gives us energy. To connect people all over the world we developed world’s largest knowledge platform. We match you with relevant and interesting people and knowledge in the area and give you the opportunity to find your own match worldwide! You are automatically connected to Seats2meet Connect when you are working at one of the S2M for locals locations. This is a huge upgrade of your workplace and is what makes S2M for locals stand out from the rest!

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Everybody can share their abundance of workspace through S2M for locals. You can register your location and it will become visible within the S2M for locals platform. We are now in the pre-launching fase and will go live as soon as we reach a criticial mass of coworking spaces. At the moment we are preparing a first local pilot in the Netherlands. Why? you might think. At the moment Europe is in the middle of a refugee crisis. We think we can contribute and give those people a place to work. A place to connect with locals and integrate within the dutch society. In this way we can actually live our philosophy being a certified B-corporation ‘Using business as a force for good of society’.


To create a global ecosystem where our stakeholders become a better version of themselves for themselves every day, on their quest to become Society 3.0 citizens.


At (S2M) we believe in connecting people. We know that by connecting professionals, they will start to collaborate and share their knowledge, and reinforce each other. Together the professionals will create more business, incubate, and accelerate. We connect these professionals by facilitating serendipity and empower them by offering access to the S2M network and useful tools in our eco-system or on our platform.

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    We are first planning to earn only social capital

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