Mealby launched its first beta version in October 2015 aiming to connect particular chefs and food lovers under the same concept; homemade and healthy food. This P2P platform emphasizes organic, fresh and sustainable food by building a strong community in which cooks and foodies can make profit in different ways. In one hand, Mealby allows cooks to get an extra money by offering their menu to users in a simple and personal way. In the other hand, foodies can enjoy delicious and homemade meals just by placing the order and arranging the delivery directly with the cook.

Mealby provides:
– 1. Delicious & Unique – Food inspired by each cook’s cultural background and cooking styles – authentic family recipes personalised and perfected over time.
– 2. Real Food Made With Love – We select cooks that are passionate about real ingredients and healthy food. They love to share their passion and like to build strong relationships with you – their neighbours, through a unique and real food experience
– 3. Personalised & On-demand – Homemade food for take-away prepared on-demand just for you and personalised to just the way you like it.

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Mealby enables people to eat wholesome and authentic homemade meals for take-away prepared by a selection of local passionate home-cooks evaluated by the community. With just a few clicks people are able to search the best food in their area according to their needs, order and pay online. Food can be picked up from the cook’s house or customers can have it delivered to them. – Cooks using Mealby have a tool to create and manage their own brand without any investment and building their own business focusing on their passion. Scheduling, pick up times, processing payment, controlling ordering and marketing are all things people trying to run a business need to think about and we handle all of that with our technologies. Using Mealby cooks become part of a community of fellows and get access to incentive programs, mentors and more. We will support them from the first day.


We live in a fast-paced society and many of us are addicted to speed: fast internet, fast service, the fastest way to get from A to B and, last but not least, fast food. We all know we should eat more conscious and healthy, but many of us have difficulties keeping up and finding balance between work, family, leisure and wellness.

The centrality of food is an expression of cultural identity, history and memory. Traditional food and cooking techniques, the knowledge and values on food are disappearing rapidly. The younger generations no longer know how to recognize fresh, high quality ingredients and how to cook healthy and wholesome meals from scratch.


Mealby wants to make a positive contribution to the world by building passionate local food communities –online and offline- on a global scale to preserve food culture, and inspire people to eat more conscious, healthy and wholesome by offering a real food experience created by real people.

With an effort to democratize the food industry, Mealby is creating an economic opportunity for culinary entrepreneurs who want to share and monetize their passion by connecting them to their neighbours through an online marketplace. Neighbours who don’t have the time and/or the knowledge/skills to prepare healthy and wholesome meals can order their meals online from their home cook of choice.

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Raffaele Izzia

Founder & CTO

Raffaele, is a full-stack web developer with a wide experience building online platforms of all sizes. He was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early, helping to found projects like Dwillo, a mentorship platform used by most of the Dutch universities. Recently he started his own startup Mealby, which is an online marketplace for homemade food for take-away prepared by local passionated food lover and professional chefs. He also works as freelancer developer and consultant helping other business and development team solving complex challenges and organizing workflows.

Esther Martos

Co-founder & Marketing Coordinator

Esther Martos is currently PhD-researcher at the Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic. She studied Engineering in Industrial Design, a bachelor in Communication and a Master degree in Visuals Arts and Multimedia – all three at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain. She is co-founder and marketing manager of the P2P food sharing platform located in Amsterdam. – Esther Martos focuses all her research on aspects related to the Sharing Economy such as; peer-to-peer businesses, social change, new cultural practices, e-commerce, Internet of Things, sociological consequences, distrust in policies, etc.

Angeline Stasia

Co-Founder & CMO

Entrepreneur, Business Development and Marketing/Business consultant professional with experience in game industry, Mobile industry and startups.
– Area of Expertise:
✔ Building business value through strategy, process and execution
✔ New Business Development
✔ Market / Competitors Research Analysis
✔ Key Account Management
✔ Opening new Markets
✔ Customer Service Management
✔ Team Management & Training
✔ Marketing/Business Consultancy