Round table: “ICT, open societies and new institutions”

At the World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (WINIR) conference the roundtable “ICT, open societies and new institutions” was organised.

In this roundtable the question ‘are platforms a new type of institution’ was raised by 3 experts in the field. We recorded the session and shared it on YouTube and Soundcloud. In this blog you can see all 3 contributions and the integral recording of the session, including the discussion between the panelists and the Q&A with the audience.

José van Dijck (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) raised the question and context on ‘Do platforms bypass of replace institutions?’

Podcast version available:

Fredrik Söderqvist (Unionen) shared some highly interesting thoughts on ‘How to unite unions, platforms and government through algorithms?’

Podcast version available:

Haroon Sheikh (Dasym Investment Strategies) shared a global perspective on the organisation and control of the platform society.

Podcast version available:

After the 3 presentations there was a discussion between the panelists and the audience. You can check the full session in the video below.

Podcast version available:

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